Where can I find Sexting Buddies?

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Finding Sexting Buddies Starts with You

So you want to have a little fun and hit somebody up for a fun or maybe even slightly naughty chat? A sexting buddy can be amazing in that way. Getting one can open up the doors for all kinds of things, whether you just need someone that’ll send you a friendly flirt each day¬†or even someone you want to eventually meet or hookup with. But the question that usually comes up most often is “where can I find one?” There are several avenues you might use to explore finding new texting friends.

Dating Sites Or Social Forums

It’s a bit generic to bring up dating sites in this context. There are so many out there nowadays that it takes work to weed out the good ones from the bad. If you don’t mind spending money on memberships, there are always the mainstream dating sites and apps that you see on TV commercials, and they could be one way to get in touch with a texting friend. There are other dating sites out there that are free, but you usually have to keep your head up on these ones for scammers. You might also consider social forums or chat room sites that focus on various topics as these can be more conducive to meeting people.

Find an interesting person to chat with means they might end up becoming your texting friend.

Niche Sites

You never know when a particular interest you might have could allow you to cross paths with someone that has those same interests. You might be on a site or forum for example that’s for animal lovers, sports enthusiasts, music people or gaming enthusiasts, and just so happen to meet that someone at that forum. Don’t just participate in open conversations, but also take the time to private message the person you’re interested in adding to your texting list. You just never know where you might meet new people or form new relationships.

Hotlines And Local Profile Apps

There are hotlines out there that you could use to contact local people who might then become your texting friends, as well as apps that detect your location and might allow you to start a conversation with locals upon shaking your cellphone or tablet. Just keep in mind some hotlines advertise local singles but aren’t exactly the service they claim to be, so you might want to check up on the hotline to see what others are saying about them. Apps can be effective but sometimes have bugs in them.

To really attract a good texting friend, you have to put yourself out there and be a go-getter. Don’t wait for that person to start talking to you, start talking to them first even if it starts with small talk. But be yourself and don’t borrow cheesy pickup lines or plagiarized scripts because people appreciate others being real and honest. Be confident in what you do, but not too overconfident.


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