THOT: An acronym for “That Hoe Over There”, is used when you see someone who is dressed slutty or is hot as heck and you point to your friends and say, “look at that THOT!” If there are a group of THOTs you would say “thotties,” a plural version of the term THOT.

It became popular in rap and hip-hop culture when artists sometimes use it as a derogatory term for women in their songs. It is also used in rap songs simply to describe a woman who is a groupie, a fan who just wants to fuck the rap artist because he or she is famous and has a lot of money. It’s also easier to rhyme in the rapper’s lyrics and also to make a pun.

Like a lot of sex slang, “THOT” is a bit misogynistic; it is very similar to other slang words like slut or gold digger. There’s double standard with the term, because men are shaming the woman by calling them a hoe but they are the ones having sex with them. Also, social media and online chat communities are filled with hilarious THOT memes or GIFs that label different types of THOTs across the internet and in society.

There are memes of “THOT starter packs” that feature high heels, long fingernails, and a broken cell phone. There are memes of a Starbucks Frappuccino that is called “THOT juice for white girls,” all these memes label THOTs by class status and race.

The term THOT is kind of used to not be taken seriously, a lot of men joke around or aren’t serious when calling a woman a THOT. It can even be more acceptable than slut or skank because of the passiveness of the term at times. It really is an online term used to call a woman classless or trashy and is even used a term of endearment like “alpha THOT” or “elite THOT.” If you’re looking for a local THOT then text up your local chat line and find your THOT of gold at the end of the rainbow.