The Ick

The Ick

The term, “The Ick” became popular in phone chat communities and in online dating lingo from the hit reality TV show ‘Love Island’. Love Island’s very own Olivia explained the “The Ick” as being that feeling you get after a few dates with a person and you suddenly realize the person disgusts you. It’s when you actually cringe and get a feeling in your gut when dating someone that all the sudden is utterly repulsive to you, so much that you cut off the relationship early.

“The Ick” usually occurs just after a few dates and is a clear sign that the person you are dating is not the person you thought they were. It can happen as just a gut feeling that you get with no triggers causing it. This is when maybe you should try and push through the date and try to make it work. Your guy could be wrong.

Other times your date may be mean and nasty to a restaurant server or start making fun of people at a bar. It also happens a lot when the person’s date has horrible table manors or habits like chewing with their mouth open, cleaning their ear out with their finger or burping.

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If their text etiquette is bad, just stop texting them and find someone new on our free lines. Stop making excuses to these cringe worthy dates and saying, “It’s not you, it’s the ick.” Pick up the phone and make that text!