Tips for Text Sex Newbies

text sext

Are you new to the world of text sex? It’s amazing fun and you can try it out no matter where you are. Just make sure nobody is peeking over your shoulder when you send that naughty text. This blog was created to help newbies with some ideas and tips on how to get started. Just in case you have never texted into the texting hotline, all you have to do is send a simple text and you’ll be connected to someone new. Then you can text away and have fun with a beautiful stranger.

You can make banter about whatever you want or cut to the chase and ask, “what are you wearing,?” You can ask about your text partner’s location and place or ask what they had in mind tonight. By asking questions, you open up the conversation and give your texting partner an opportunity to share. If he or she is being shy, you can take the lead and ask if they are willing to try something out like putting your dick in their hand. See how your texting partner responds and go from there. It’s as natural as that. You can say anything you want through the text sex hotline and if it’s not a good fit, just stop texting and you can text with someone new whenever you want to as the hotline is always open 24/7!

Being creative through texting is a sure way to get someone’s attention. Try to see what happens if you should describe your surroundings and what your desires would be in a made-up fantasy only you have in mind. There are many open people ready to text and sext people like you, so there’s no need to take a backseat. Give texting and sexting a try and see what happens.