How To Take The Best Possible Selfie

Sexting can be much more fun when you make your own visual aids. Taking selfies to give to your partner is an easy way to keep the exchange exciting. It will probably get them to send a few of their own for you too. With just a little time and extra attention, you can create the ultimate sexy selfie. It is sure to get you great reactions from anyone you send it to.

Choose the Right Setting

Taking a selfie is about creating an ideal representation of yourself. Start by picking an ideal place to take it. The bedroom is a classic choice, but a classy couch can give you the same posing options with a more unique edge. You can even try more eccentric options like the bathtub or even outside (beware of onlookers). Whatever place you go with, make sure it’s clean and clutter-free. Nothing will ruin your sexy photoshoot faster than a Barbie doll or an errant bottle of Windex hiding somewhere in the background; once your recipient sees that, it’ll be all they’ll be able to focus on, and you want their full attention on you.

Prepare To Look Your Best

Take a shower so you’re starting with the freshest possible canvas, then get an in-depth grooming session going. If you plan to include your face in the photo, use your best makeup skills and/or put a little hairspray or gel in your hair. It might seem like a lot of work for just a few pictures, but think of how often you go around wishing you looked better but didn’t get a chance to do anything about it. This time around, you can make sure your recipient can see you at your best. You have the luxury of time, so use it!

Choose a Flattering Angle

It’s a little thing, but positioning the camera properly for your selfie can completely transform the final image. No one on earth looks good from a bottom-up angle, for instance – that perspective will emphasize the size of your legs, hips and belly and make you look far heavier than you actually are. In contrast, a top-down perspective does the opposite, emphasizing the head and slimming everything else. Interesting side angles will give your selfie an artistic look that might help you show off that fact of your personality. The time-honoured head-on position still works fine, too, of course.

Indulge In Some Retouching

Image manipulation software has become so accessible that you don’t need many technical skills to add a little extra polish to a picture. Download a free program like GIMP open up your selfie file inside it, and think about what you might like to change. The software comes with invaluable resources like airbrushes, blurring brushes and resizing tools; you can use them to erase blemishes and scars, give yourself some healthy colour, and even slim yourself down slightly. Don’t go overboard, though, or you’ll end up looking plastic or even like an alien. A light touch is what will put the finishing touches on your picture and leave you with a selfie that really shines.

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