Sweet EMO into Dark Fetishes Seeks Sexting Buddy

 EMO sexting girls

Sweet and shy EMO sexting girl seeks dark and mysterious fantasy lover.

My name is Valencia, and I’m 18 years old. I’m looking to experience the darker side of the fetish life including all that is dangerous. I have dark fantasies that come across in my photography and in all that I want to experience in life.


It’s my belief that you can’t truly live until you’ve seen the edge of danger. There’s nothing like getting your pulse racing to feel alive. Bright, sunshine and flower-filled meadows are not really for me.

My creative desires take me to the dark places in the heart.

Instead of flowers and rainbows, I’ll bring my creativity and photography to trash-filled alleys and abandoned buildings. I’m considered EMO if I had to label myself. I can think of worse things to be called.


While I love pushing boundaries of what’s acceptable, I am considered sweet by those who know me. Peering into the abyss and loving the dark side doesn’t call for a mean personality. Some people are fueled by love and the wonderment of light and beauty. The fuel for my creativity comes from the dark, dangerous and risky things that go bump in the night.


Along with photography, I’m interested in texting with someone special in my life. I’d love if that someone special was you. If any of what I’ve said calls to you, we should talk more intimately about what makes us shiver in the dark and calls the deep parts of our souls.