Smoking Hot Girl looking For Someone To Share Fantasy

 Smoking Hot

My name is Amy and I am a beautiful tattooed sexting girl who has a bizarre fetish. But, lots of men seem to like it. Smoking weed is part of my package. I know it is bad for my health, but not getting my needs fulfilled is worse.  You can say I  am smoking hot.

I am seeking a guy who I can help me quench my thirst for getting high and pushing the limits.


Have you ever had sex while high?  There is nothing better.  You really cannot compare a normal orgasm with one when you’re high.  Sometimes I swear I just might have a heart attack.  But, I am young and I am going to do it as long as I can.


Some dream fantasies I have include lighting up while reaching my climax. I love a guy who is not afraid to let the smoke cover his body while going “Downington on my Abbey”. Just as I am about to explode I want you to take a puff and blow it in. Nothing gets me hotter.


This freaks some guys out. I like what I like, what can I say.


I love giving oral especially when I am high, feels like I will swallow him whole. What makes it better is when a guy lights up and passes it to me as I “get him off”. The combination of smoke and come make it unbearable for me. Been know to pull sex fetishes all weekend long. Been known to take on a few guys at once. I like to test the limits. It is the only way I know I am alive.


Message me below. Smoke is part of the deal. I give as much as I receive. You lavish me with “gifts”, I will do the same for you. Healthy conscious people can apply too.