Slow Fade

Slow Fade

A slow fade is similar to the term ghosting, which is when someone you think likes you abruptly disappears from any form of contact (text or phone call) without any explanation at all. Though ghosting is a messed up way to end a relationship (or lack there of), the “slow fade” is just being an insensitive dick.

The person who is slowly fading away knows that the relationship isn’t going anywhere because whether or not his or her partner wants a relationship, they don’t. It’s also a cowardly way to end a relationship and sometimes the slow fader doesn’t think they are doing anything wrong, they think it is a nice way of ending things cause they don’t want to disappoint.

You and the slow fader have spent a lot of time with each other: dates, going to the movies, vacations and very intimate moments. The slow fader would feel guilty if they just cut you off instantaneously so they gradually maintain communication with you before ghosting.

They even think if they don’t keep in constant contact like a normal and committed partner that they might even get forgotten about, which would be all part of the slow fader’s passive plan to get out without doing or hurting anything. If you meet someone on your local sexting line and they stop texting your phone after a few awesome dates you might be dealing with a slow fader.

Getting the slow fade isn’t the end of your dating life since there are so many single people waiting to meet and text on our phone lines. Everyone is looking for something different from a long-term relationship, short-term relationship, hook ups and friendship. If you’re slowly getting over a fade just pick up a phone and text one of our local chat lines where you can easily meet someone new is in your area.