A slampiece is an attractive person with whom you have no strings attached sex with, also known as a “fuck buddy” or a “side chick”. It’s basically a friend you use exclusively for sex and you both are totally cool with that. It is different from the slang term, “dime piece,” which describes a woman who is banging hot, beautiful or a ten out of a ten. If you have a sidepiece you want her or him to be a dime piece too.

A slampiece is someone who is into NSA (no strings attached) and FWB (friends with benefits) relationships. It’s usually a man, but it can be a woman. Either way, neither is looking for a long-term relationship.

A slampiece is usually a single woman or man that is always just one text away from coming over to get railed. The great thing about finding a slampiece on our chat lines is it’s totally stress free, since it isn’t a time consuming relationship where you have to take the slampiece out to dinner, buy them things or spend a lot of time with them. It’s all about the sex! That’s the only time you’ll be spending with your slampiece, so are you picking up the phone yet?

Our phone sex chat lines are filled with people looking for just a fuck buddy and those that see past the negativity that the term “slampiece” is sometimes labeled with. Who wouldn’t want to meet a friend on our chat lines that you use exclusively for sex?

Many of our texters have strong relationships with their slampieces and sometimes they lead to long-term relationships. There are so many people on our phone lines that are looking for something different, so much variety. Some are looking for serious relationships and others are looking for some quick fun from a legit sidepiece. Either way your local chat line is filled with hot hookups that are just waiting to get your text.