Side Piece

You have your main chick, either your girlfriend or wife and then you have your side chick or better known in the phone chat community as a side piece. A side piece is that girl you have on the side that you can text for a quick fuck, if your wife or girlfriend is gone or if they are pissing you off. This is the perfect place to get a side piece in your rolodex and no one will know because you do not have to give out your phone number or any personal information to us to text with her. If the girl or wife is gone and your feeling horny you can text any one of our local chat lines all day every day.

Side chick is also another way to say side piece, it is millennial vocabulary for an “other woman” or “mistress.” A side piece is someone who is seen in secrecy because the male or female is cheating in his or her relationship. It’s not necessarily an admirable thing to be a side piece because you could be ruining a happy home or relationship, but each situation differs.

Our chat lines are a good, fun environment to get away from the stress and struggles of work, the world and tough relationships. If you do want to go the route of finding a side piece to bang or even a side piece to just talk to about your relationship, then this is perfect for you. It’s 100 percent private, no names or numbers need to be given, and so your spouse or girlfriend will never find out. Just don’t forget to delete your phone history, though.