Should You Sext For Money?

You Betcha!

It may not be the first job option that comes to mind, but sexting can actually provide you with a fairly high side income or even potentially replace your main income. It’s fast, it’s fun, and it can be extremely easy to get started, so it might very well be worth considering if you’re looking for work. Here are a few qualities that would make you a great candidate for this kind of job.

You’ve Sexted Before

Like any job, people with prior experience make the best candidates. Sexting might be something anyone can do, but doing it at a truly professional level takes skill. Your response times need to be quick, your manner approachable and inviting, and your pictures (if any are involved) sizzling.

You’re Open-Minded

Sexting for money means that pretty much any fantasy or fetish will be on the table.You need to be able to take them all in stride and cater to them with respect and attention. It takes a rare level of professionalism to accommodate a request for a fart fetish roleplay without batting an eye. It’s one reason why professional sexting agents can be quite well-paid.  

Side Note: sexting fetishes on most sites are limited to consenting adults.

You’re Adaptable

Commercial sexting is inevitably going to throw a lot of surprises at you. You need to be able to roll with whatever comes up and do it quickly. You don’t want the customer doesn’t notice your hesitation. If you’re a quick thinker, you’ll do well in this line of work.

You’re Comfortable With Your Body

The most lucrative sexting gigs require you to not only provide text responses to your partners but also include some pictures in various states of undress. You don’t necessarily have to go completely nude, but you’ll likely be more popular if you do. Some platforms will let you provide text-only services. But you’ll have a lot more options if you’re comfortable enhancing your offerings with a camera.

You’re Tech-Savvy

Sexting is unarguably a profession of the digital age. To join it, you should know your way around a few popular messenger services such as Skype, Kik, Snapchat, Arousr, Google Hangouts and more. Each one will get you access to a different segment of the sexting market. You want to cast a wide net so you never have to worry about finding work.

You’re Looking For Flexibility

Most people who sext for money are classified as independent contractors, so their schedules are whatever they want them to be. You can choose when and for how long you work, so you can fit it in around your other commitments without much trouble. Be aware that you’ll probably have the best luck finding clients in the evening and late night hours, however.

Sexting for money has a ton of lucrative potential and can be done by most people with the right attitude and drive. If meet the criteria listed above, look into it! The industry will be happy to have you.

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