How To Get The Most Out of Masturbating Based on Zodiac Sign

Zodiac Signs are life for some people, whether you’re the spiritual type or the person who reads your horoscope every day on your phone. People are constantly reading their astrological chart while trying to find out how their day is going to be or if they’re going to find their soul mate this month. If you didn’t know, the stars may align to lead you to the ultimate masturbating session. We always forget that our zodiac sign is just that, ours.

Many people take a look at their horoscope or their zodiac sign and try to make sense of it with their current partner or try and decode it for the future like they are some sort of fortune teller. Your zodiac sign is yours, you were born on that date, and you need to be rewarded for it. Ladies, what’s a better gift to your self then a break down on how to have the best orgasm while sexting on the phone categorized by some of our favorite zodiac signs? Toys (or weapons) are included.

Aries: An Aries is impatient, moody, short-tempered and aggressive. What better toy to use for the ultimate orgasm than the all mighty vibrator.

Weapon of Choice: Vibrator

Taurus: A Taurus loves gardening, cooking and basically anything that involves working with their hands. This was easy.

Weapon of Choice: Your hand

Scorpio: Scorpios are highly passionate and determined. A Scorpio is also very secretive, so start fantasizing about that dream girl cause a Scorpio won’t stop until they come.

Weapon of Choice: Your dream partner on your mind

Capricorn: Capricorns love music. We mean love music. So why not put on your favorite masturbation playlist on your phone and jam out to the music and down there.

Weapon of Choice: Music

Your horoscope is forecasting your future and the stars are aligning right now to our sexy chat lines where all of the zodiac signs can try these methods with a lucky someone on our phone lines. Find your compatible zodiac sign and chat about astrology, the sun, moon and the stars or get a little deeper with your match by sexting on the phone.