Splitting Household Chores Leads to More Sex

Most normal people don’t enjoy cleaning up and doing household chores, especially if you have to do it alone while your partner is lounging on the couch full from dinner or watching their favorite TV show. At last, a new study has come out that will have you never doing household chores ever again unless you’re single and want to sext with hot ladies. This study says that couples that clean up the house or apartment together and share housework have more sex. This doesn’t just include cleaning and household chores but also involves splitting up tasks evenly when taking care of the kids (if you have them). Couples who communicate to get things down around the house also have a happier relationship.   

If you haven’t banged in awhile because you were stuck doing chores solo, it’s time to literally dust off the vagina for some fun. Weirdly, partners who dusted and cleaned the bathroom had sex almost two times each month than when the women did it all by herself. You would feel resentment if you were on your hands and knees dusting or scrubbing while your partner is starting your guy’s favorite series or sitting on the couch staring at their phone.

There should always be equality in a relationship when it comes to cleaning and responsibilities, especially now that more “choreplay” will lead to more roleplay. Sext with hot ladies for some fun after your done with your chores; our chat lines are a great place to relax after a long day. You could even do a little roleplay where you pretend you’re making your servant clean up for being naughty. Our sexy chat lines are open 24/7/365 so anything can happen. Maybe things will get a little dirty and you can clean it up with someone special.