POV stands for Point of View. It is a common term in porn and phone chat communities, which describes a first person point of view. It is mostly more specific to a live video phone chat but it is a well known term and a fetish for some. It can also be used over our sexting lines to steam up a conversation by asking their POV at the time on the phone. Tell them to tell you what they see and how they are looking at your imaginary body over the lines.

When you text our phone sex lines it can be really hot to know exactly what your texter is looking at. Is she staring at her pussy while slowly touches her clit or is she watching her self play with her nipples and breasts. Either way works, but to get a visual of what your texter’s POV is can make sexting even hotter than it already is.

Next time you text our phone sex line try asking the texter for their POV, they will be happy to give it to you. They will also be just as happy to give you an orgasm while you’re sitting on the couch with your hand on your junk. Stop playing your self by not texting into our phone sex line for the most fun you’ll have over the phone in your life.