Pay for Play Catholic Sexting Girl Seeks Mature Man

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I am going to make this real simple for everyone. I am looking for a mature man who is into Findom. Only those who are familiar with this type of fetish need apply. I use the sexting girls chat line to get started and then I may take things to the next level after that.


I need a guy who reads the Wall Street Journal or works at some sort of corporate office and I like the vanilla boys. The type of men who feel guilty over their spending. The ones who need to be punished for spending too much or too little. I was trained by the nuns in high school to be strong and not take flap from anyone. They were great at getting donations.

Findom is a simple concept. You pay to play with me.


But, I do not play in the conventional ways. I want you to lavish me with gifts, expensive toys, and trinkets. It is the only way I can offer you up some sort of repentance for your sins. I will only give you what you ask for when I feel you are worthy to receive it. The more you offer me, the better chance you have at being “forgiven.”


I have been known to make men weep for forgiveness. I have been known to make my men crawl on their knees to get “release”. When I do decide to give you some forgiveness and repentance, the dam will break in a big way. I will make your forgiveness “come” in painful spasms, like a river.


Are you ready to explore some of your temptations?