Dominant Female Looking For Men Who Are Into Findom

Dominant Female
Yes, FINDOM is a real thing. I will punish anyone who says otherwise. Here is the deal. I am looking for a man (no pig) to play with. You are not worthy of the label man. And, I do not want just any man out there. I need a man who is into humiliation. More importantly, I need a man who is into financial domination or FINDOM as it’s known.  If you cannot afford me, you do not deserve me.

What is a FINDOM relationship?


I will have complete control over everything you do. You will not be able to scream unless you ask me first. You will not be able to do anything unless you pay me to let you. Make no mistake, I am not about giving pain, I am a different breed of Mistress in the BDSM world, though I have had extensive training. I went to a Catholic School. This should tell you something right there.


There is not much difference between my world of BDSM and the Catholic world. This is my motto. I use the same rules when blurring the lines between pain and pleasure.


“Bless yourself and genuflect”
–Holy Water, Madonna


I will pour some holy water on your sexting girls secret “habits.” I know that you are cheating on your wife, or you are small in certain areas and you have bizarre fetishes.  And you are right, I will use them against you.  Hold you hostage to your guilt, until I decide to let you release it. Are you feeling guilty for spending too little? Are you feeling guilty for spending too much? It is time for you to confess your sins.


Think of me as your “Mother Superior” in the world of Financial Domination. I will give you the redemption. You have to earn it first. You will be required to get on your knees. Beg for my forgiveness. You will be required to give over complete control of your body and soul. Mother Superior feels it is best.


You will be begging me for my forgiveness by the time I am through with you. The only catch is you have to pay me well. Lavish me with gifts and we can talk. Lavishing me with gifts is the only way to seek true redemption. I learned this in the Catholic School yard.


When I say to “come”, you better “come” Those who do not “come” when I say will pay the price. The price will be “big”. The price will also not pay “dividends” right away. Your bill will rise and rise. Only when I feel you have earned it will you be able to “pay it off”.


You must address me as Mistress Sissy at all times. You must have a vast hunger to feed and purge your sins through being humiliated and later being redeemed.