How To Take A Sexting Photo

Taking a sexting photo like a pro, or rather having a baller sexting game involves serving the right combination of witty texts and sultry imagery. A healthy balance of thoughtful texts and provocative photos sent precisely at the right time is all you need to effortlessly get your partner thirsting for your companionship- it doesn’t matter if you are in a committed relationship or its good old-fashioned lust! 

sexting photo

Sexting Photo

Sexting is a marathon, taking a sexting photo is double or so they say. Therefore, it’s about mastering your pacing, knowing when to keep steady, and when to spring for the final price. It should not be all serious and formal that the environment is engulfed with an aura of strictness and forced affection. You and your partner should learn to keep it casual, but authentic such that a phone sex conversation doesn’t sound awkward in the end. Incorporating raunchy imagery in your sexts will, without doubt, help you achieve this goal faster and set the grounds for “bigger” things in the long run.

Dirty Photos

Dirty photos are the cornerstone of sexting- note that looking good in these photos is equally crucial. While taking the photos, keep in mind that the other person might be tempted to show them to a third party. This should be enough motivation to ensure you stun in the photos. Sloppy photography might make you a meme subject. And you do not want your photos ending up on the web. As you already know that the internet is a bitch that never forgets!

Jerking Off

I’m not suggesting that you take photography classes, although it’s not entirely an extreme goal. Just make sure that if someone is going to share a dirty photo of you. Or it should at least be worth jerking off to! As a rule of thumbs, make sure you don’t show your face- you already know the stakes. Censor anything distinguishing features to ensure nothing is turning back to you.

Keep It Focused

Now the next thing is getting your angles right. A dirty selfie should be effortless. The other person doesn’t need to notice the amount of work you put in to get the angle right. Also, make sure your background is clear of embarrassing stuff like dirty underwear resting on a coffee mug. Finally, never use your mediocre photoshop skills to temper with the original photo. If you want a thinner waist and a pronounced ass I suggest you hit the gym like any hardworking person or get a surgery!