How to Last Longer During Sex

Are you a victim of premature ejaculation? Are you often unable to cushion your release to a timely moment? The good news is that this is not an isolated situation and the bad news is; it can ruin the quality of your sex life big time! There are several causes of premature ejaculations. Some like in the cause of low libido are biological. And can only be remedied by a trained physician. A majority, however, are lifestyle related and can be resolved by some proven cool down hacks. It is important to note that the condition of not having to last longer during sex is predominantly psychological. Even the slightest levels of stress and anxiety can incite premature explosion.

Last longer during sex

Relax, this is sex!

There are no quick fixes to these conditions but I’ll try as much as possible to issue you some bullet points to try. First, is that you need to rid your mind of stress and anxiety. A good monk would suggest meditation and mind relaxing techniques for this. It is paramount that while having sex your mind is focused on the act and the associated pleasure. Not bills, ISIS and the Boko Haram menace in West Africa. You are trying to give someone’s daughter an orgasm here, not solve the entire world crisis and still strive to understand why Bitcoin is such an ass! Every woman deserves satisfactory sex or in this case, orgasmic. Unfortunately, some sex ends far too soon leaving unfulfilled desires. And you wonder why she would take some hardcore romping from a visiting mailman.

Stop poking the bear

Some specific sex positions can also increase your chances of lasting longer during sex. The goal here is to avoid overstimulation of the penis underside. Perform this is a simple illustration; grab that piece of cork that ejaculates prematurely. Now try stroking its underside gently and feel the effect. Do the same with the upper side. YouĂ­ll notice that the underside of the penis is the most sensitive and the slightest provocation could trigger an explosion many times prematurely. To beat this challenge, do not rush to the provocative positions first thing after foreplay. That is exactly what that lazy pecker would want you to do. Instead, pick sex positions where your woman is dominant. Spooning and cowgirl positions are the best examples. If these don’t work for you try masturbating shortly before sex. It will reduce sex pleasure build up that result to premature ejaculation.

Lastly, reduce your caffeine intake significantly and that’ll help you to last longer during sex. Also, don’t leave out the chance to cam chat with hot chicks.