How to Find People to Sext with

Are you ready to find someone to text with?


If you are a geek like me, you already know how to search online and you have probably already used tons of mobile apps. Why do you think sexting would be any different? It’s not, it just takes a bit more time and patience to navigate.


If you do not want to use an adult app like Kik, Tinder, SnapChat, or Arousr where there are tons of sexting buddies available to connect with, here are a few tips for finding a good match in cyberspace.


Your profile pictures matter a great deal.


First impressions matter!

Sexting GirlsWhen you go to an important event, you dress to impress. You should look just as sharp for any potential partner.  The profile is the only real “image” they have of you.  You are sexting after all. Make it count. Photos uploaded to the internet and online profiles are the first things any potential match will notice.


The main picture that shows up on any “online search” should be your best one. Or, at least the message you want to send about yourself.  Get it taken professionally at a studio. I am pretty sure you do not need a lesson on how to view profiles from WikiHow but just in case click here.

Learn from past mistakes and avoid making them again.


Things go wrong, that is why there is a gazillion sexting fails posted online.  If this happens, laugh, do not panic.  The worse thing a person can do when they are embarrassed is walk away.  It makes you look weak.  Chuckle and send a new sext when you are able to. A cute emoji for this purpose helps to lighten the mood.  We all make mistakes and when you are sexting, you learn as you go. Keep this in mind and just learn from it.


Let’s say your mate stops texting you after your first sext session. Go through your old messages and think about what you said. If you can’t recall anything you did that was inappropriate then simply move on.  He or she probably just wasn’t into it.  Learning how to accept a great deal of let down is a priority for anyone sexting.  People are jerks when they are hidden behind a screen.  It’s not you, it is just life in this arena.


Be Realistic about Expectations


Sexting is not dating. It is not the way you will meet your lifetime spouse. It is a  tool for engaging in adult chat with strangers and people you know and for exploring your fantasies. It’s supposed to be a fun adult past time.  But, you cannot do it alone so you need to find someone to do it with. Once you do that you can sext to your heart’s content.


It can take forever to find a partner this way.  That is why people get paid to do it and why we suggest you use a sexting app.  Most platforms have hosts ready and willing to engage in hot conversation with you.  Of course, it often comes with a price, but so does spending hours of your time searching and creating profiles to end up alone at the end of the night.