How to Sext Safely (and find Girls easily)


Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars when it comes to sexting. So how do we engage in sexting with women without getting beat up?

If you’ve found yourself confused about how to make your female sexting partner happy, take heart: science says it’s only natural for you not to be thinking alike. Researchers have found some interesting differences in the reasons that men and women choose to text. Men, for the most part, are looking for a way to show off their goods and establish their sexual competency, while women are more likely to be after men’s attention and the positive sexual self-image that produces.  

What can we learn from these findings?

The most significant takeaway is that it’s unlikely for both halves of a male-female pair to get what they want from a typical session. While the things men want are pretty much inseparable from the popular conception of sexting, the things women want might be a little more elusive if their partner isn’t in tune with them.  This can leave many women looking for more fulfillment and, more sexting provides opportunity. Learning to satisfy these unique needs will make you a very sought-after sexting partner among even the most desirable women, and it’s not as hard as you think.

  • Don’t Just Charge Into Things

Don’t turn things sexual right away – no dirty talk, no naked pictures. If all she wanted was a look at your junk, she would probably have opted to watch or look at more typical pre-packaged porn. She likely chose sexting because she wanted something interactive and involved – something more like a conversation with a sexual spark than a back-alley encounter. Introduce yourself and spend a little time getting to know her before you get down to business. In most cases, this really won’t take long, but it reinforces the idea that you think of her as an equal participant and an individual and is sure to please her.

  • Play Up Your Reactions

Sexting is not the time to pull out your stoic bad boy persona. If there’s one thing we know, it’s that most women really enjoy turning men on and your partner won’t know what effect she’s having on you unless you tell her. Don’t be shy to let her know how much you like the things she’s saying and the photos she’s sending. This encouragement will feel very rewarding to her and will probably make her eager to do more, which is a win-win outcome for both of you.

  • Listen to Her Input

Like any other sexual encounter, sexting is about both partners’ pleasure, not yours alone. Even if you really wanted the conversation to go a certain way, it’s only right to try to be receptive if she asks for something else. You may find that you can’t reconcile the different things you want and might be more suited for different partners, and that’s okay – but you really should at least try to find yourselves a good balance of give-and-take that leaves both of you satisfied. This, in combination with our other tips, is how you turn a one-time session into an exciting ongoing affair.