People Experiencing “Tech Neck” Staring at Phones

It doesn’t matter your age, sex, race, creed or color; everyone is obsessed with their cell phone, because of hot sexting. Look around right now, probably more than half of the people surrounding you on the street, office, classroom, grocery store or your local pub are locked into their phone. Looking down for hours on end, straining their neck by staring at their phone or tablet. People are now experiencing aches and pains from the constant strain on their neck from turning their head into a dumbbell or a strongman atlas stone, and it’s now being dubbed “tech neck.”

Tech neck may sound funny but it actually could get quite serious after time especially depending on how you stare at your phone and for how long. Chiropractors have said that if your head is at a 70-degree angle or 60-degree angle looking at your phone that it’s 70-pounds or 60-pounds of pressure on your spine, accordingly. To avoid tech neck, when looking at your phone, have your head centered over your shoulders to relive pressure on your spine and letting your spine naturally support your head.

People can also lay off the apps, texting and social media for a little too; but we know your not going to stop staring at your phone so just follow those tips above to avoid tech neck. Also to avoid tech neck, just get nice and comfy at your home or apartment, kick your feet up in your pajamas and instead of staring at your phone us it to sext our chat lines. Our no fuss hot sexting lines are easy to get chatting with someone that has everything you want and it’s easy on the pocket with our free trial. It also doesn’t come with tech neck, because you’ll be relaxing,  so grab your phone and start sexting now.