Airport Looks to Expand Cell Phone Waiting Areas

If you’ve ever had to pickup a significant other, friend or family member at the airport you know it can be a horrible and long experience. What else can be a horrible and long experience is the dreaded airport cell phone waiting area or lot. First, the waiting areas don’t accommodate many cars, so that leaves people looping around airports hoping the next time they come around there will be an open spot. These cell phone waiting areas are also causing a safety hazard at a Midwest airport who is looking to relocate and expand these areas, so more guests can sext on a hot sex chat!

The cell phone waiting areas have become a war zone of some sorts, especially when an airplane is coming the areas turn into all for one and one for all. Surely more airports across the country will follow this Midwest airport’s proposed cell phone waiting area expansion plan. This airport proposed a plan to the city council to expand their cell phone waiting areas from 14 vehicles to about 50 vehicles. This will help prevent cars and drivers from blocking traffic and will make the airport a little more safe and easier to charge your phone while waiting for a loved one or friend.

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