The Art of Sexting Well

greatest thing about sexting

One of the greatest things about sexting is that you can do it almost anywhere and make any situation into something sexy. There is a difference between sexting and sexting well and this blog will offer some pointers and things to consider while sexting to make it a rewarding experience for you and others.

Imagine you’re sitting at the airport, waiting for a delayed flight. Seems like just an ordinary situation right? Well, if you start sexting someone while at the airport, what will you think about? Do you have a blanket that you’re covering up your legs so you can tell your sexting partner what you’re doing in a very public place? Are your nipples hard just thinking about the guy sitting across from you as you wonder if he knows what you’re doing? One thing that you can do to really heat up the situation is describe where you are and what you are wearing. You don’t have to be 100 percent honest either. If you would rather be wearing assless chaps at the store while picking up ice to put all over your body, sext your friend about it. Whatever will make you feel sexy telling a complete stranger, go ahead and give it a try. It may surprise you when it also turns the stranger on.

Play with words and emojis when you sext and be real with yourself. If you’re at home with your pants on, take them off. There is no need to sext someone with them on, may as well get comfortable. What would you do to this seemingly hot stranger should he or she be in the room with you? Would you feel up the side of her leg and grab her thigh, bend her down on your bed and spank her ass? If so, tell her. You can be as creative as you want with sexting and in fact, it’s encouraged.