Girls To Sext


Texting has become a preferred method of communication for a great number of men. Especially for sexual reasons. The majority of them (especially those under the age of 30) prefer texting to talking on the phone. Each has his own type of girl that he prefers.  Which one are you?

1) The Introvert

Introverts tend to enjoy meaningful conversation and most people find it incredibly easy to “pour their heart out” to an introvert. While introverts genuinely enjoy this kind of exchange, they can also be quickly drained by it. So the thing they enjoy most can also be quite exhausting! Texting is a great way for introverts to communicate needed information without finding themselves suddenly involved in a long, draining conversation that they didn’t mean to get into.

2) The Busy Bee/ Multi-Tasker

Some people have over-committed, active lifestyles that keep them constantly on the go. In many cases, these are busy moms that are juggling kids, their children’s many commitments and sometimes even careers. They often prefer texting because it allows them to deal with multiple issues simultaneously. In other cases, some people prefer texting because they just want to give the appearance of being super busy because they feel being super busy makes them important.

3) The Player

This is the person that never wants to make firm plans¬†but always keep their options open in case something better comes along. These people prefer texting because they can have multiple “conversations” going on at once. Even when a Player decides on one thing to go do, they will often keep tabs on the other things going on at the same time. If they feel that something else is more fun or interesting than what they are doing now, they will most often ditch your thing to go do the thing they think is more fun.

4) The Emotionally Confused

A condition known as Asperger’s Syndrome can cause some individuals to have difficulties reading people’s moods or emotions or basic social cues. As a result, they often tend to be “nuts and bolts” communicators and avoid situations in which they may have to decipher emotional context. Texting is a great way for them to communicate, as written communication tends to be devoid of social cues anyway. In fact, emojis were created specifically because text limits social cues so severely. People who have difficultly deciphering emotions are unlikely to use emojis, but probably do rely heavily on textual communication.

Some people rely so heavily on texting that they will sometimes overlook the fact that calling someone on the phone is even an option. These days, texting is so prevalent that it is not uncommon to get asked out on a date via text, broken up with via text and the time may even come when someone finds themselves fired via text message!

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