Sex Advice Manuals Send The Wrong Sex Messages

Sex advice manuals are supposed to be informative, educational, inform and help those who are less experienced. We’ve come along way from having to go to the nearest sex health clinic to get a sex advice manual that looks like it’s from 70s. Sex advice is literally at the tip of your fingers with apps, blogs, magazines, fun sexting and even TV shows right there on your cell phone. But are these self-proclaimed “sexperts” actually giving out helpful advice?

Sex advice in the mainstream needs another update, just like those old sex pamphlets from a 70s sex ed class. Especially with us living in the #MeToo movement and times where our country are becoming more open to things like the LGBTQ community, mixed race couples and sex in the mainstream. It’s time to move on from sex just being my penis in your vagina and getting sex advice from a manual that has only white, heterosexual male and female couples. Here are some of the wrong messages these manuals are giving our country.

Sex is scripted: Let’s get this straight. SEX IS NOT SCRIPTED. It’s not just a kiss, grab of a boob, grab of a penis into a vagina and boom! Sex! People are more open these days and are doing a lot more things that constitutes as sex, not just vaginal intercourse.

Sex bodies: We all aren’t that frail Caucasian man or woman that can be found in some of these sex advice manuals. Mainstream sex advice doesn’t take into effect that some us are black, brown, yellow, old, bigger and even disabled.

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