Foreplay Before In-Person Play: Know How to Sext Right


Sometimes when we go on a date in-person, we waste our precious time. This is because we put in an effort to make ourselves look good and presentable. We go out of our way to go to a place to meet with someone. We sometimes even pay for the date. We put in all this energy without even knowing someone or knowing how we will connect with our date sexually and intellectually. Sometimes we go through this entire process only to be disappointed. Now there’s a way to bypass some of that possible downfall by sexting and texting as a date prior to meeting in-person. By doing so, we find out if we can connect in those ways before spending money, energy, and our valuable time.

Sexting can act as foreplay for the main event prior to meeting someone and connecting with him or her in the physical realm. It’s also one of the safest ways to experience sexuality. You can literally have full sexual experience from the comfort of wherever you are. Just be sure there aren’t any curious eyes watching you sext if privacy is important to you. To get started, text the sexting hotline and you will be connected to someone new. Then text and sext the person to see if it’s an ideal match. If it is, let your imagination and creativity run wild and its course as you and your new friend have some fun! If it’s not a good match, no harm, no foul and really not much time wasted. You can also always text the sexting hotline number should you want to connect with another person.

The sexting hotline is always open so no matter what time of day or night it is, there are people available for fun and exploration. Should you find someone that you get along swimmingly with perhaps you want to take it to the next level and meet him or her in-person. Whatever you want, it is totally in your hands.