This may seem like a strange term to other generations besides millennials, but if you receive an eggplant emoji in a phone chat community or asked to send your eggplant pic all millennials would know what that means. The eggplant emoji has become synonymous with a penis. If you hear anything about an eggplant in the phone chat communities the person isn’t talking about the produce section, they want to see that dick.

There are other sex emojis like the peach for a nice ass and the water drops emoji for wetness, squirting or ejaculation. The eggplant emoji is defiantly most suggestive. When have you used an eggplant emoji for an actual eggplant? You only use it when you want that dick. Also, you can get deeper into the scriptures of emoji sex talk. If you use the eggplant emoji first with the water drops that solely means ejaculating and nothing else.

Now that you got your lesson in emoji 101, get out of your text messages and sext up our chat lines to actually use your big eggplant on a luscious peach. Who knows? You might find someone today and be sexting them eggplant emojis by tonight. You’ll never know unless you pick up your phone and sext on your local chat line right here.