DTR – Define the Relationship


This acronym is the equivalent of having the infamous “chat” about where your relationship is heading. DTR means, “define the relationship,” and when someone asks you DTR it would behoove you to have an answer. A DTR conversation is a big part of a relationship and on sext chat communities, especially if you two have not met in public yet.

It’s the moment where you actually define what you and your partner are: Are you a real couple, friends with benefits or something else? You don’t want to have a DTR conversation too early when you are just in the texting phase, you may risk ruining the relationship and scaring off the person. If you do it too late the person may think you are not serious and could have moved on already when you try to have the conversation.

It’s never the wrong time to time text our local chat line to find someone to define a relationship of your own. Thousands of sexting enthusiast come to our text lines to find anything from real long-term relationships, friends with benefits or no strings attached or maybe you just texted in to chat with a new friend. If you have some chemistry with someone that you’ve met on a chat line, and feel it’s something special, act on it right away. The next move should be taking that person out on a date as soon as possible.