When someone in a phone chat community uses the acronym “DIY,” it’s not the same DIY you may be thinking of. This DIY is a little more naughty, but it’s still definitely Doing It Yourself. When DIY is used in phone chat communities it is referring to masturbation, hence the term Do It Yourself. If you are on a hot sext chat and someone on the other line asks you to DIY, chances are they are not asking you to start a craft project.

To make things kinkier you can add literal DIY toys to your masturbation repertoire. You could hollow out a cucumber and cut it in half, tape it back together and put a condom inside for a cucumber pussy. Or how about the towel pussy? Get a towel and wrap it around a latex glove. After you do that, tighten the towel by wrapping a belt around the towel to add tension and grab some lotion or lube and plug away.

When on our phone sex line you may get off on someone else masturbating while you are stroking your shaft with her. If that is the case you need to sext on our chat lines, find a new friend and ask her to DIY. Nothing is hotter in sexting than helping your friend get off while you are about jizz everywhere.