Tuning sometimes gets confused with benching but its way less malicious. Tuners are people who are vague, shy and avoid being upfront about their feelings with their partner even though they are totally interested in you. Tuning is really just strategic flirting with no intent to commit to anything serious. Getting tuned can be taken in many ways, some individuals may see it as a compliment and not care about the commitment part or someone might see it as heartbreaking and a time waste!

When someone’s tuning you they are doing the same things that anyone would do when it comes to flirting. They will send you numerous emojis after texts with multiple letters, like your pictures on social media and send you cute funny videos. They basically want to make a move and might act on their emotions, but if nothing happens out of this relationship they didn’t put themselves out too far to get hurt.

Tuning predominantly takes place on your phone because of all the different social media apps and texting. Since you already have your phone in your hand and you’re not really ready to make a full commitment but still feeling flirty, you might as well text our local chat lines to flirt with someone near by without getting too close. We have the best chat service because you get what you want when you text in to chat. If you no strings attached and no commitment but love the flirt we will connect you with just that through sexting.