When someone says they are ‘talking’ to a man or woman, it usually means that they’re dating. It doesn’t mean they are in a serious relationship. It is normally more casual when someone says they are talking. Talking is really getting to know someone to see if you both really want to take the relationship any further and date. Talking isn’t just exactly that, talking. Talking can mean you and the person you are talking to are hooking up or having casual sex.

Many people text our chat lines to talk to someone to get to know them before meeting in person. It’s one of the great benefits of phone chat communities and our text lines. A lot of people waste their time and money by skipping the talking phase and going straight to the dating stage. Getting to know some one by texting is a beautiful thing that has led to a number of relationships and friendships. So if you’re looking to start off slow simply unlock your phone and text to find some to begin a relationship with.