You thought you were over that one crush you met on our sexting lines who ghosted you a couple months back, but they are back! Ghosting is when you’ve been talking or dating someone but they end up not wanting to continue with your relationship. A courteous person would normally tell you they are done and they don’t things are working, but ghosting is when someone just disappears without telling you anything.

Well you know remember that person who ghosted you? Well, haunting is when that person decides to comeback. They don’t talk to you or try to go out on another date but they’ll like or follow you on one or more social media platform. The ghost just won’t go away!

Haunting also has deals with previous relationships where your ex is lurking on your social media, they will randomly like old pics to just let you know they still exist. They won’t directly message you, the haunter or ex will just linger and loiter around your social platforms like creepers. Sometimes you just want that ex to just get ghost and go back to the hallows.

If someone is haunting you and it’s annoying the heck out of you, this is a good time to step away from all your social media platforms and turn off notifications. Instead, text into our local lines where you will be ghost and haunter free. You may meet someone who has the same hobbies and likes as you on our chat lines and you might start a brand new relationship.